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ALL our packages include Total Support 8.png

Total Support

24/7 Toll-Free Hardware & Software Full Technical Support

Email/ Performance/ Connectivity/ Networks/ Configuration/ Optimisation/ Virus Removal/ Security/ Synchronisation/ Passwords/ Apps/ Guidance & Problem-solving

For All Your Pcs, Laptops. Macs, Phones, iPhones + Any Connected Devices


  • You’re frustrated when trying to connect new
  • hardware, like a SmartTV, printer, console or cameras
  • Your PC’s running slow, programs crash or you’rehaving problems configuring new apps
  • Cloud storage or itunes isn’t synchronising with
  • your tablet or phone
  • You could use some help setting up email, configuring
  • WIFI, changing settings or just connecting with Skype

Total Support is included in all packages (not available alone) and is provided by an ISO 9001 Certified Contact Centre. For a complete list of what’s covered, click here

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Total Support8.png + PLUS + McAfee Mobile Security

McAfee® Mobile Security gives you peace of mind on all your mobile devices. Shop and surf securely, protect your data, and find your device on a map when it`s lost or stolen

Ideal if you just need protection for your phone (iphone or Android)

$1.99 per month

RRP $10.12

Pay –as-you-go, cancel whenever you like

Total Support8.png + PLUS + McAfee Safe Connect

McAfee Safe Connect uses a VPN, or virtual private network to create a secure connection, to minimize your individual online security risks and to help keep your data private from prying eyes, especially when you are connecting to a public Wi-Fi hotspot or any open network. Up to 5 Device Protection

  • Wi-Fi Privacy

    With bank-grade Wi-Fi encryption, your personal data and online activities are kept private, even when you’re connected to a public Wi-Fi and/or an open network

  • Privacy Protection

    Protect your privacy by hiding your IP address. Your physical location & information such as banking account credentials & credit card info are secure while surfing online

  • No Geo Restrictions

    By connecting through a virtual server at locations around the world, you can access your favorite content and geo-restricted apps and sites from anywhere, with unlimited data volume

Pay –as-you-go, cancel whenever you like

Total Support8.png + PLUS + McAfee Safe Family

Kids are glued to their phones and tablets. Know what they're up to, guard them from harm, and limit their screen time with McAfee Safe Family

$4.37 per month

RRP $16.32

Pay –as-you-go, cancel whenever you like

Protect yourself from the ever-growing threat of Identity Theft

Did you know that identity thieves stole $16 billion in 2016? And that there’s a new ID theft victim EVERY 2 SECONDS?*


In the US, 13.1 million adults became victims of some form of identity theft in 2015, with ID theft being one of the top consumer complaints received by the FTC’s Consumer Sentinel Network, up by more than 47% from 2014.

As the world becomes increasingly connected — from social networks to digital healthcare records to the Internet of Things — criminals are finding new ways to steal sensitive personal information, making identity theft a persistent and evergrowing threat.


We offer 3 levels of protection:

Standard (Protection Advice & Recovery Assistance)

Enhanced (24/7 Monitoring, Alerts + Resolution)

Ultimate (24/7 Advanced Monitoring, Alerts &Resolution + US$1M insurance)

Help Protect You And Your Family Against Identity Theft


Add to ANY Package – for just 96c

GIS Family Cyber and Security Service

GIS’ Family Cyber and Privacy solution addresses the challenge of protecting your family by providing specialized care & resolving existing privacy issues for you or your loved ones. Identify existing information risks with urgent, personalized incident response & direct action steps when is time is critical.

  • Travel and Relocation

    Immediate assistance when losing personal information whilst travelling or relocating, including document replacement, financial protection and continued access to financial accounts

  • Marriage, Divorce and Surviving Spouse

    Get your credit reviewed and secured and receive help in settling the estate and credit line if your spouse passes away

  • Disaster and Break-in Recovery

    Immediate help in implementing protective measures to ensure your identities are protected and assistance in recovering from the aftermath, including document replacement, filing claims and even relocation

  • Social Media ID Protection

    Help in protecting your information on social media platforms, including advice on platform updates, tips to avoid traps and assistance with the investigation and resolution of problems

Just 96c extra per month

Only available as an add-on to other products

Add During Checkout


Also includes GIS Family Security & Protection Service (as described above) for family assurance

$3.29/month $9.95

IRIS CORE from Generali Global Assistance (GGA)

Iris Core is a powerful and cost-effective combination of identity monitoring, suspicious activity alerts, award-winning resolution, an easyto-use online dashboard and highly trained multi-lingual specialists available 24/7/365 to help you anywhere in the world

Prevention (defends personal information & secures digital profile)

  • 24/7 identity protection expertise & online resources
  • Opt-out services – reduce pre-approved credit card offers, direct mail campaigns & marketing phone calls
  • Online data protection – guards against keylogging & phishing so you can use the internet without worry

Monitoring (tracks identity risk level & detects fraud early)

  • Online dashboard – helps identify risk levels, track credit profiles, access identity theft protection tips & respond to alerts from one place
  • Identity Monitoring – detects fraud at its inception by searching for compromised credentials & potentially damaging use of personal information

Alerts (detailed notification of suspicious activity)

  • Changes to credit profile, high-risk transactions, compromised credentials, black market activity

Resolution (addresses & repairs problems quickly & easily with help from Iris’ experts)

  • 24/7 Access to Certified Identity Resolution Experts
  • Affidavit submission, creditor notification & follow-up, communications with law enforcement
  • Credit freezes. lost wallet assistance. translation services, emergency cash advance & travel arrangements, three bureau fraud alert placement assistance

Plan includes GIS Family Cyber Protection & Security Service for added peace of mind


Also includes GIS Family Security & Protection Service (as described above) for enhanced protection

$9.16/month $20.95

IRIS ADVANTAGE from Generali Global Assistance (GGA)

Iris Advantage takes identity monitoring one step further with advanced identity monitoring, which scans for new payday loans or telecom accounts that may be opened. One bureau credit monitoring, reporting & scores help to ensure the accuracy of credit profiles.

With all the benefits of IRIS CORE (described above), IRIS ADVANTAGE also protects against costly financial damages associated with the resolution & restoration of a stolen identity like lost wages, out-of-pocket expenses & legal defense costs — valuable peace of mind that comes from having a $1M Identity Theft Insurance policy for recovery expense reimbursement.


Plan includes GIS Family Cyber Protection & Security Service for added peace of mind